Brilliant Encounter with Benjamin Toursel

Un sublime entrelacs

A second edition devoted to sharing and creativity.

The first edition of the Brilliant Encounters allowed Dominique Giuliani to combine his love for jewelry with another unique know-how : French gastronomy. His passion for creation and sharing made this encounter a unique moment. The idea of ​​bringing a follow-up to this project was obvious to him …

For this second edition, the jeweler decided to meet the starred chef Benjamin Toursel from Agen, whose sparkling eyes and dynamic cuisine immediately seduced him. This brand new Brilliant Encounter starts with Heracles, a jewel adorned with three warmly colored gemstones.

The recipe of the starred chef

Double peach and vegetable stock

The challenge of a plate with translucent colours and surprising flavours.

Three moods blend together in this colourful plate that catches the eye. Various flavours, represented by ingredients carefully selected by Benjamin Toursel. Above all, the chef wishes to bring out the transparency of the colours of the gemstones, through the best possible flavours:

  • The iodized side of the plate is represented by the Saint-Pierre, a fish with a fine and delicate flesh that guarantees an exceptional gustatory quality. Carved into thin strips, the chef has chosen to cook it with salt and to incorporate spices such as saffron and turmeric. This ancestral cooking technique preserves the softness of the flesh but also increases the flavors tenfold.
  • To represent the middle stone of the jewel, the chef chose a pastel-colored fermented peach. Prepared for several months in a mixture of peach juice, pits and salt, this ingredient immediately brings softness and sweetness to the dish.
  • To enhance the flavors, Benjamin Toursel pours a vegetable broth with pea pods, infused with mint and basil leaves. The taste buds sparkle under this fresh and harmonious juice. Flavors cross and intertwine to find the perfect balance, just like the story of the Heracles ring…

The jewel of the jeweller-artisan


Nuance and pastel intermingle in the Heracles ring, to guide us to our fabulous destiny.

Majestic in both its beauty and its colors, this piece of jewelry symbolizes the god Heracles and his journey of twelve accomplishments. Through his strength, he guides us through the intertwined paths of life, to make us live an intense adventure.

Designed by the jeweler Dominique Giuliani, this jewel offers an impressive Kunzite, which charms sensitive souls with its pinkish pallor. This jewel is accompanied by two mint green tourmalines, proudly bordered by interlacing diamonds. The fluidity of the golden curves invites us to join this fabulous odyssey.

The jeweller-artisan and the starred chef

Dominique Giuliani and Benjamin Toursel

The meeting of two sensitive and creative minds.

Born into a family of epicureans, Benjamin Toursel was not destined for the kitchen. It is by attempting the hotel school that this revelation comes to him and that he finds his way. The spirit of sharing, the enhancement of ingredients and the emotions that cooking brings, confirm his career choice. For the past eight years, this chef, with great sensitivity, has settled in Moirax, halfway between Bordeaux and Toulouse, in his restaurant Auberge Le Prieuré, where he cooks with passion surrounded by his young team.

When Benjamin Toursel met Dominique Giuliani, he was immediately fascinated by the obvious similarities between the two creative worlds of jewelry and gastronomy. The artisan jeweler offered to Benjamin Toursel to be the new chef of the second edition of the Brillant Encounters and he accepted without hesitation this unprecedented proposal.

During this Brillant Encounter, the chef challenges himself and gives free rein to his imagination. He seeks to detach himself from the structure of the jewel while rediscovering the power of the stones' colors. He takes care to select seasonal ingredients as one would choose to wear a piece of jewelry according to a time of year. The two men work together to elaborate a plate with such a revealing finesse and sensitivity.

This encounter is as obvious as the parallel between the two skills. Inhabited by the same values of sharing, the jeweler and the starred chef realize the common passion that drives them. It is through their creations that they talk about themselves and their past experiences.

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