Brilliant Encounter with Vivien Durand

Condensé d’équilibres

The jeweller-artisan Dominique Giuliani challenges the starred chef Vivien Durand for the third time in his kitchen of Le Prince Noir.

In the course of their new "Haute Jo - Gastro" encounters, our two chefs discover each other, exchange and share with passion. The starred chef gradually takes possession of the history of the jewels he discovers. The jeweller gradually finds his place in the kitchen. Ideas are jostling. Know-how is confronted. The result of this third culinary interpretation will remain a precious gift for both men.

The recipe of the starred chef

Artichoke heart hiding its game

Psyche, THE love at first sight of chef Vivien Durand.

The eventful history of Princess Psyche spontaneously inspires the starred chef with a precious blend of acid-sweet-bitter balance. A gem made up of multiple textures with tastes so clear-cut that they will give a real length in the mouth. An offering that will be discovered as the tasting progresses.

This simple and powerful plate will reveal, around four ingredients, the singular techniques of alternative cooking and seasoning of the starred chef Vivien Durand. He elaborates :

  • A julienne of radish dipped in crushed ice to enhance the crunch and reduce the heat
  • An artichoke cooked in water with a green juice to stabilise the bitterness
  • Kohlrabi macerated for four months in Sauternes pickles and homemade vinegar
  • Fresh grapefruit capsules

Crunchy and melting layers follow one after the other: the crunch of radish and kohlrabi, the melting of artichoke and grapefruit whose capsules bring sparkle in the mouth.

The jewel of the jeweller-artisan


An enchanting universe, a marvellous valley, a mysterious palace.

In his hidden paradise, Eros visits Psyche, his princess of beauty mistreated by the jealousy of her sisters. Between two trials, the God of love secretly meets his precious jewel.

Dominique Giuliani, designed the Psyche ring to honour the secret emotions of amorous flirtation. A sumptuous lavender sapphire, similar to the perfect Psyche, is hidden in a tangle of white gold flowers and birds set with sapphires. Two pink gold leaves, set with green tsavorite garnets, delicately welcome and protect this compendium of emotions.

The jeweller-artisan and the starred chef

Dominique Giuliani and Vivien Durand

The most difficult thing is to keep it simple.

On the one hand, the colours, curves and materials. On the other hand, the ingredients, the cooking and the seasonings. The skills of the two artisans come together to meet the challenge of this third brilliant encounter: simply executing a complex creative idea. With this common goal in mind, the jeweller and the starred chef once again confront their ideas. They take pleasure in sharing their past experiences and innovative techniques in an ever more convivial atmosphere

The duo is getting to know each other well. Everyone finds his place in the creation and execution. Vivien chooses his products and works out a strategy to obtain clean tastes, while Dominique thinks about the perfect dressage, a presentation faithful to the finesse of his creation. The two experts intuitively agree in their search for balance and perfection.

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