High-end christmas gifts for a woman

One of the most beautiful days of the year is about to come and you still don't know what you're going to offer your half. To help you, we have selected several top-of-the-range and original gift ideas, with that little touch of raw nature and experience so dear to the creator Giuliani Joaillier

An exceptional piece of jewellery or a piece of clothing

A unique jewel

Very few of the women are not fascinated at a piece of jewellery. Indeed, a jewel is much more than an object we wear: a symbol, a messenger of love or a family heirloom, it is part of our history and it can reveal our personality.

By offering a piece of jewellery, you will therefore have very little chance of making a mistake. And if you want your gift to be even more special, why not turn to a top-of-the-range jewel? A unique and elegant piece of jewellery with a story, that your dear will be able to keep for the rest of her life?

A nice garment to spend the winter

Another essential type of gift for a woman is of course a trendy and chic garment. And if you really know the person you're giving this gift to, you shouldn't go wrong in terms of style.

Offering a garment is fine, but offering a timeless piece of good quality is even better. A piece of clothing, like a piece of jewellery, can have a history as well as values, and that's what makes it so special. 

Therefore, we advise you to choose a piece that will last over time and whose brand is committed and responsible. This will make the gift much more important in the eyes of your loved one.

An exceptional object

Have you ever thought of offering a precious stone?

If you want to offer a gift with an important meaning, turn to the gemstone. These gems have been fascinating for many years and are a sign of special attention. As well as being original, the gemstone can be personalized. Indeed, the woman who will receive it can either keep it preciously in a box or imagine the jewel that will come to wrap it preciously. A pair of earrings, a ring or a necklace? There are so many possibilities!

But how to choose THE gemstone that corresponds to your beloved. There are of course several ways to proceed and it is up to you to see which one you wish to turn to:

  • According to the month of birth: If you didn't know it, each month of the year corresponds to a stone and therefore to a month of birth. For example, for a person born in September her stone will be sapphire, on the other hand if she was born in May it will be emerald. Don't hesitate to ask for more information on the subject in order to choose the stone which will correspond perfectly to her.
  • According to the symbolism of the stone :  Precious stones have an important meaning when they are offered and each of them has its own symbolism. Depending on the feelings you feel and the message you wish to deliver, the stone will be different. The diamond represents the stone of union and commitment, the ruby symbolizes passion, thanks to its red color. Finally, the sapphire will represent purity... All you have to do is choose.

A unique experience

A moment of relaxation

For women who want to live their gift and create memories, we recommend offering them a unique experience.

Some women love to be pampered and take time for themselves. So think about a facial or a massage. Your sweetheart will certainly be delighted with this wellness outing that will allow her to spend a good time and relax in a calm, warm and luxurious atmosphere.

For those who live in Paris or spend their holidays in Courchevel, the Six Senses Spa group, for example, known for its commitment to environmental protection, offers a whole range of treatments: detox massage, body scrub or pink signature facial... You have the choice!

The little extra of this spa that we love? Set up on two floors, it is bathed in light, wood, stone and lush vegetation. Six Senses treatments are delivered in individual, handcrafted, oak cocoon-shaped cabins. This allows you to let yourself be completely enveloped in nature for a moment just for yourself. Believe us, she'll love it…

An extravagant stay