Brilliant Encounter with Vivien Durand

L’unique est dans le détail

High jewellery is making its entrance into the kitchens of gastronomy.

As a natural epicurean, Dominique Giuliani has always secretly dreamed of bringing together jewellery creation and gastronomy. For the release of his first private collection, the jeweller offers Vivien Durand, a starred chef from Bordeaux, a brilliant experience. That of imagining and shaping together, exceptional dishes inspired by his jewels. The adventure begins with this delicate pair of softly colored earrings, symbol of the first love encounter. Discover this new experience in the world of jewellery, revealing the personality of a man who is decidedly turned towards creation and sharing.

The recipe of the starred chef

Spiced beetroot on its raw bed of peas

At first glance, a simple presentation. On tasting, flavours that reveal an original and meticulous design. The starred chef imagines a plate as complex as the jeweller's unique piece.

One has selected exceptional stones. The other has identified condenses of local products with contrasting flavours. Together, the Chief of Brigade and the Workshop Chief work on the cooking, seasoning and presentation with great precision. They are looking for taste, but also for the harmony of colours and the play of brilliance, any detail that will arouse the desire to taste this unique dish.

  • Sweetness, freshness and minerality: it is in beetroot and peas that Vivien Durand spontaneously finds the emotions and flavours he is looking for.
  • Spicy and acid notes: the chef enhances the sweet flavour of the tuber with the Espelette chilli pepper which is really dominant in his cooking, accompanied by a touch of apple vinegar which he likes just as much.
  • Almost raw peas: with its causses cooked like a juice, the chef tries to preserve the freshness and natural sweetness of a product that reminds us of the round and light notes of the first love games.

The jewel of the jeweller-artisan

Daphne & Apollo

Kunzite, Tourmaline, Spinels, Tsavorite garnets and Diamonds... Two earrings that reflect each other, a sublime condensed of Gaïa, goddess of Mother Earth.

From this meticulous mineral selection, in lavender and water green colours, Dominique Giuliani has created emotion of an harmony of pastels with unspeakable charm. A perfect pairing of unique stones that invokes the passionate union of the nymph Daphne and the god Apollo.

The first piece of the Giuliani Joaillier private collection thrusts us into the heart of Olympus and the beginnings of amorous adventures similar to ours in many ways.

The Jewel

The jeweller-artisan and the starred chef

Dominique Giuliani and Vivien Durand

The first "haute jo - gastro" encounter imagined by Dominique Giuliani will take place on his land, in Gascogne.

To launch this new idea, Dominique Giuliani, true to his heart-region, naturally turned to a starred chef from Gascogne. Renowned for his attachment to the traditions of the south-west, for his inventive cuisine, and for his convivial character, Vivien Durand was immediately seduced by the experience. The first brilliant "haute jo - gastro" encounter will take place in the kitchens of Le Prince Noir in Lormont, where the starred chef has been serving since 2014.

The jeweller-artisan was not mistaken. The similarity between the two skills was revealed from this first culinary adventure. Selection of the most beautiful resources of nature, mastered transformation of raw products, precise and harmonious assemblies of sublimated elements... The two men quickly realised that the similarities between the two exceptional know-how are omnipresent.

During this first Brilliant Encounter, they took great pleasure in sharing both their creative approach and the technicality of their gestures. They also appreciated the simple and friendly working atmosphere. The success of their dish "L’unique est dans le détail", will be due to their resolutely demanding and innovative temperaments, but also to their shared pleasure in living and offering emotions.

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